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The Edge Equine™ Float Starter Kit (Item#53005)
  • The Edge Equine™ Float Starter Kit (Item#53005)


    The Perfect Starter kit for anyone entering the field of equine dentistry!

    this kit features range of Slimline Series hand tools and rasps and contains:

    • 1 x LMS 3540 hand float with S 1.5 PB blade (used for Upper 11s)
    • 1 x FMS 5050 hand float with S 2 AG blade (used for bottom molar arcades)
    • 1 x PMS 1050 hand float with S 2 MU blade (used for upper 6, 7 & 8s)
    • 1 x SRS 6040 hand float with S 1.5 SF blade (used for shaping bit seat upper and lower 6s)
    • 1x Carring Case
    • Lighter in weight than traditional floats with blades
    • Lower in profile than traditional floats
    • Smaller blades for easier maneuverability than traditional floats
    • Blades available in a range of sizes, shapes and grades
    • Handles available in 24 lengths and configurations
    • Starter Kit includes floats #53209, #53220, #53221, #53225 and recommended blades
    • Individual floats do not include blades


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