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Kelly's Equine™ Dental Endoscope

Kelly's Equine™ Dental Endoscope


Kelly’s Equine scope is designed as a real-time inspection camera. It has two highlights Led that give accurate tissue coloration and the illumination of the oral cavity allowing for thorough dental exams. 


Its features are 

* Photos can be uploaded to Pimbury Charts as well as sent through messages for consultation.

* Wireless connection through its own built-in Wi-Fi 

*one-foot long stainless steel shaft with a 9mm diameter. 

* 2 adjustable bright LEDs for oral illumination 

* Supports IOS or Android Mobile Devices 

* Photo and Video Recording function 

* ideal for teaching or large groups as the device can be connected to multiple devices at once 



*Camera Resolution CMOS 1280 x 720

* Shaft length 1 foot (not including handle)

* Shaft Diameter 9mm

* Overall length 16 inches

* Waterproof (Camera Shaft only)

* Working time 3 hours

* Charging Time 4 hours

* Working temperature -10 Degrees Celsius to 60 Degrees Celsius 

* Supports Android 7.0 or above and iOS 9:0 or above

* Image Resolution 1280 x 720

*Comes with a sturdy plastic carrying case

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