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EEZY-MaXX™  Reciprocating Float Kit
  • EEZY-MaXX™ Reciprocating Float Kit


    EEZY-MaXX™ Reciprocating Float Kit

    A reliable reciprocation float system. 

    • Low profile allows the user complete maneuverability around the dental arcade.
    • Excellent for removing caudal hooks and finishing upper and lower molars.
    • Pair Reciprocating Shaft Floats with 40mm (1-1/2") Disposable Blades
    • De-MaX™ III reciprocating float shafts are also compatible with EEZY-MaXX™

    Kit includes: 

    • EEZY MaXX™ Reciprocating Float Unit
    • M12 Battery Charger
    • M12 Battery (2)
    • Reciprocating Straight Float Shaft, 19" Working Length
    • Reciprocating Angled Float Shaft, 19" Working Length
    • M12 Shaft Adaptor (2)
    • T-Handled Hex Key 2.5mm
    • T-Handled Hex Key 3/32"
    • Weather Proof Carrying Case 
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