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EEZY-Drive™ Pro Motor System

EEZY-Drive™ Pro Motor System


EEZY-Drive™ Pro Motor System Only (Handpiece Sold Separately)

New and improved! A compact lightweight all-in-one battery powered system for equine dentistry.

**Grinder Power Float pictured is not included for demonstration purposes only**



  • Quiet motor/drive unit
  • Low voltage DC motor/driver
  • Independent system power On/Off switch
  • Independent variable speed control dial
  • Operating range of 800-7,500 RPM
  • Li-ion battery, 25.9- Volt, 3.6 amp-hours
  • Battery fully charges in 1.5 hours
  • Battery run time lasts an average of 10 horses
  • 39" keyed drive -use with any key-driven handpiece 


System Includes:

  • System Control Motor Driver Unit
  • Charger Assembly 
  • (2) Battery Assembly 
  • Waist Belt-Complete Assembly 
  • (2) Waist Belt Options
  • Foredom™  Cable Assembly

      - Installed 39" Key Drive

  • Travel Case 


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